WWT | Wild Wing Trust strives for a Greener Coimbatore
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Wild Wing Trust strives for a Greener Coimbatore

Wild Wing Trust, (WWT) an NGO formed by a team of individuals who are passionate about wildlife, environment and the well-being of the society has been continuously working towards creating awareness regarding conservation initiatives, tribal education and nature conservation.


And, the NGO largely consists of youngsters. In a bid to increase the green cover of the city, the zealous group of volunteers of WWT have engaged themselves in creating a beautiful nursery at the Kumaraguru College of Technology campus and have plans of distributing and planting the saplings at appropriate places within the city.


‘Over time, small changes will pave way for big transformations, let’s do our part’, is what team WWT preaches and practices, as well.



While speaking to SimpliCity, Saravanan Chandrasekaran, Managing Trustee of WWT shared that “We the volunteers of Wild Wing Trust have grown nearly 8000 saplings of 23 different species. All of them are native species and the saplings are 3 months old. All of these 8000 saplings will be grown till they become 5 to 6 feet in length and then be planted across the city in an unorganized manner. A detailed study and research has been done by our team as to how many saplings can be planted at a particular place and what would be ideal place and time for planting.


The reason for letting these plants grow to height of 5-6 feet is to increase the survival rate. As there is always a possibility for the plant to die if, the sapling is too small like, less than 2-3 feet. We have planned to plant all these saplings during the upcoming monsoons in June. We as a team extend our gratitude to the management of KCT who have been very kind and supportive by providing the space and seamless water supply for the nursery. And, above all, the meaningful support from the volunteers has been amazing and we are hopeful to succeed in our mission.


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