WWT | Educational Awareness Campaign at Palaya Sarkarpathy
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Educational Awareness Campaign at Palaya Sarkarpathy

The Wild Wing trust along with the valuable support from Cognizant PACE Outreach team , meticulously planned and executed the Educational Awareness Campaign for the tribal settlement people at Palaya Sarkarpathy.


The Outreach and WWS team invited some key personalities to the event, for providing their valuable inputs and supporting the Campaign

Ms Gayathri, who has been a supporter and a regular contributor for the Sethumadai school
• PT Master at Sethumadai school
• Head Master of the Palaya Sarkarpathy Elementary school
• Forest Range Officer of the Topslip Area


The team conducted a well-rehearsed educational awareness skit, to stress on the importance of Education, which kept the people engaged and clearly articulated the importance of education through the events in the life of a school-drop out. The local people who watched the skit, later acknowledged the importance of education for up-lifting the entire society.


The skit was followed by an inspirational speech from Mr. Thirumoorthy on the importance of education, taking his own life as an example and the difference made by education in his life, to motivate the parents to pay more attention to the education of their kids, and encourage the regular attendance of the Kids. Next up, I had a short talk to the kids, on my school-life experiences and why school-life is the founding stone for the rest of our lives, that paves a strong foundation for the future, and also leaves a long-lasting sweet memory to be cherished for life. The special guest, Forest Range Officer, spoke about the job opportunities available for the educated people and how it can improve their life quality.



The Headmaster of the Palaya Sarkarpathy Elementary school, took the opportunity, to address the parents and students together, to continue their enthusiasm to education both at Elementary and Higher secondary level. An additional speech was given by the PT teacher of the Sethumadai school, stressing on the benefits of Physical education and urged the parents of enthusiastic students, who had good potential in sports, to send their children regularly to school, and to avoid drop-outs.
The discussion sessions were completed with a Q & A session, where the parents asked questions about subsequent opportunities for their children after school, and benefits available for students pursuing their college. The Outreach team answered the queries patiently, and also explained about the scholarship schemes for deserving students, requiring financial assistance.


The session ended with distribution of Mementos to everyone who actively participated and supported the event.
Overall, it was an eventful and fun-filled session and very effective in creating awareness among the parents and children of Palaya Sarkarpathy. I am looking forward to participating in many more such impactful Campaign sessions in the future. Kudos to the PACE Outreach team and the WWS team members for the effort put-in, planning and executing the Campaign.

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